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Bouquet Nozzle


➥ wide water image
➥ independent of the water level
➥ extremely compact

Independent of the water level

This type of nozzle is independent of the water level. The mounting position of the nozzle can therefore be freely selected as long as the water outlet is not below the surface of the water. Positioning freely in the room is also possible.

Accessories recommended

This nozzle does not have an internal adjustment option. To set the perfect tilt angle, we recommend using an adjustment flange or a ball joint adaptor.

Bouquet Nozzle 1″Bouquet Nozzle 1 1/2″
Thread1″ Inner1 1/2″ Inner
Weight (kg)0.40.518
Item NumberAIM-FN007-1 AIM-FN007-1 1/2

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Data sheet as PDFDownload