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The course is set


The company for show technology and special effects PowerLightsAugsburg, founded in 1996, is expanding its program and, at that time still as a niche product, offers water projection screens and water effects.

The first Showsystem is set up

2005 – A Swiss agency commissions PowerLightsAugsburg for a large-scale multimedia show for a company anniversary in Bern.
The planning team immediately begins, in accordance with the customer’s request, to set up a multimedia event whose appeal lies primarily in the unusual combination of impressive individual media of fire, water, laser and video.

Within a very short time, a fully modular, 20-meter-long water show system is developed, built and brought directly from production to show use.

2008 – A milestone

The water show technique is becoming more and more important for
PowerLightsAugsburg. Therefore, this Corporate division is set up separately and gets its own appearance with the brand name aqua-in-motion.com

…but actually our
story already began
in 1934:

Early 1930s.

Otto Przystawik works as a caretaker and electrician in the Berlin dance house “Ballhaus Resi”. The orchestra there plays the waltz “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss. Otto has an idea and wants to combine the beauty of a large water fountain with the music of a large symphony. He sets up fountains with blue lighting in the ballroom and lets them dance to match the piece.

Otto develops his idea further, combines various fountains in a large basin and controls the movement sequences in accordance with the music. He creates his own choreographies for five compositions. The success story begins very modestly – with water fountains in small dimensions for demonstrations in restaurants or in shops. Over time, his constructions not only grow in height, but also in their diversity. He applies for around 55 patents.

A smooth process is important to the inventor and tinkerer. He even travels unannounced to the venues to check that the performance is being set up and running correctly.

“Dancing Waters”
become known in the USA

Early 1950s.

In 1952 Przystawik installed a water organ for the “Kaskade Lichtspiele” movie theater in Kassel. Before each performance, the audience is offered a grandiose spectacle of water and colors. The new superlative cinema makes even the spoiled Americans in New York and Hollywood sit up and take notice. All news agencies are rushing to the novelty.

Later, an American exhibitor saw the dancing fountains on the occasion of the German Industrial Exhibition in West Berlin and signed a license agreement to bring them to New York’s “Radio City Music Hall”. On January 15, 1953, the water fountains made their debut in the USA under the name “Dancing Waters”. The performance runs for a total of eight weeks and inspires over 1.5 million viewers.

Otto’s son Gunter, who has been working with him since his youth, continues to optimize the production of the musical water features and wants to present them to the whole world.

Walter Machauer
developed further


Otto Przystawik hands over the company to his longtime employee Walter Machauer. He drives the technical development forward.

1972 – Worldwide use of the water fountains

The “Dancing Waters” are introduced in Hong Kong by the French Blue Bell Dancers, who perform with their show in the Convention Center Night Club. The performance is so successful that the production is being extended for two years.

2004 – The success story continues

Walter Machauer’s daughter, Ilona Strehl, takes over the management and continues the history with passion. She looks after every show personally.

Into the future with


At the beginning of the year, AQUA IN MOTION takes over all operational business, including all patents and the protected brand name. With this merger, existing competencies will be expanded and valuable specialist knowledge will be brought in. Our pride lies in the skillful symbiosis between classic and modern.

in a new Design

2021 – After countless water fountain shows, worldwide deployments and installations, the brand will be expanded. In addition to a relaunch of the logo, not only has the online presence been completely revised, but the product range has also been expanded. The sale of water nozzles and accessories, as well as project work of permanent installations are added as an important part.