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Bubbler Nozzle

The jet outlet of the Bubbler Nozzle is below the surface of the water and is therefore quite inconspicuous. Only a snorkel protrudes from the water, which sucks in air and thus shapes the appearance of the fountain. The result is a varied, foamy hill of water.

A fundamental change in the image brings about a positioning of the nozzle outlet above the water level. Here prancing, irregularly rotating rays throw a varied effect upwards.

Wind resistance
Noise development
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➥ depending on the water level
➥ high proportion of air
➥ can be used above and underwater

Depending on the water level

This nozzle is dependent on the water level. The montage in relation to the water level changes the picture or the character of the effect.

Accessories recommended

This nozzle does not have an internal adjustment option. To set the perfect tilt angle, we recommend using an adjustment flange or a ball joint adaptor.

Bubbler Nozzle 3/4″Bubbler Nozzle 1″Bubbler Nozzle 1 1/2″Bubbler Nozzle 2″
Thread3/4″ Outer1″ Outer1 1/2″ Outer2″ Outer
Weight (kg)0.1690.2820.4360.660
Item NumberAIM-FN030-3/4AIM-FN030-1AIM-FN030-1 1/2AIM-FN030-2

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