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JumpingJet Rainbow Star II (OASE)

Jets of water shoot through the air in wide arcs as if magically and disappear again just as surprisingly as they appeared - jumping jet systems are the attraction in leisure and amusement parks, in discos, at trade fairs, exhibitions and other events.

The combination options give the system an individual note: the color of the integrated RGBW LEDs can be freely selected, and the laminar water jet can also be divided into short sections. In addition, the JumpingJet can be combined with controllable pumps and thus also generates dynamic parabolic widths and heights. The JumpingJet is equipped with 24 V direct current and is therefore ideally integrated into the OASE 24 V DC system. The new JumpingJet Rainbow Star II / DMX / 02 is DMX / RDM capable.

Wind resistance
Noise development
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➥ jet diameter 12 mm
➥ can be used indoors and outdoors
➥ precise and crystal clear laminar water jet
➥ varied water features
➥ integrated lighting technology with powerful RGBW lighting
➥ 24 volt technology
➥ beam cutting function
➥ DMX/RDM-capable

Crystal clear, splash-free jet

Splashing water can occur during operation, namely when jets are shot in rapid succession. The proportion of splash water is negligible if the water jet is operated as a continuous parabola.

Wonderful water features

When used in groups, the JumpingJet Rainbow Star II can be used to create varied water features.

Homogeneous light transport

The integrated RGBW LED lighting “transports” light within the beam. Only if the water is clear, the course and the point of impact can be illuminated by the parabola.

JumpingJet Rainbow Star II
Dimensions L × W × H (mm)478 × 305 × 555
Light TypeLED RGBW
Voltage (V/DC)24
Power (W)20
Diameter Beam (mm)12
min. Water Depth (mm)200
max. Water Depth (mm)300
vertical Swivel Range (°)45-90
MaterialPVC/Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
Weight (kg)11.0
Item Number34137

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