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Images of Water Drops


Surprise your guests, clients and employees with the latest water screen technology!

The Watergraphic is a real phenomenon when it comes to creating logos, words or patterns consisting of water drops. It fascinates and entertains its observers at the same time!

The 96 nozzles, which are controlled by magnet valves, are served with water by the perfected soft and hardware technology. The nozzles open and close in cycles tuned to milliseconds and create graphics consisting of water drops.

The words, images and logos are converted to BMP data and imported into the control PC. This PC communicates with the Watergraphic through a Wireless Interface – and Bob’s your uncle!

No matter if used in exhibition stand construction or as a platform for product presentation - with the Watergraphic as part of your event you usher in a new era!

Video Watergraphic