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Water Show

A very special kind of emotional entertainment is guaranteed by our water spectacular constructions (also named water theatres or dancing fountains) which are developed by our own.

Water jets in different colours, waving jets and jumping water beams on several levels go with each other according to exciting music. Our specialists arrange individual shows which are precisely in time and an extraordinary highlight, which is remembered as something unique.

A show can be controlled by a computer or performed live by the skilled according to a score.

Modular Water Show Construction (developed by is not only a manufacturer but also a developer. Our individual modular design makes it possible to build absolutely flexible constructions. Flexible sizes, configurations and water sights always give a new appearance to the form and the expression of the show.

Our show constructions are suitable for the use indoors, as well as outdoors. The height of the construction is adjustable to the local conditions.

The in-house development is constantly working on improvements and various new technologies for exciting events.