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AIM GalaFountain®

Held in granite optics, the AIM GalaFountain© shines by its design and is an absolutely effective eye catcher. This prototype has been designed as a device for product presentation. In the centre of the fountain there is a circular presentation platform. In this case it is used for a circular 10-litre bottle of Moet & Chandon which is surrounded by a ring of water, which is about 80 cm high. Because of the integrated LED lighting, the water drops sparkle in the most shimmering colours and make the whole arrangement suitable for galas and other events.

Especially interesting with the AIM GalaFountain© is the fast construction. The fountain is configured in advance and therefore only water has to be put in on the spot and then the fountain only must be connected to the power supply system.

Soon further AIM GalaFountain© products will be available. Unlimited variations of design are possible with further stone optics and many other variations of water effects as central effects and/or water sights with jets on several levels.

We would enjoy to advise you concerning the AIM GalaFountain© products. Ask about the variations of arrangement and the prices for events, exhibitions, galas, presentations or other occasions.

The AIM GalaFountain© is an incorporated brand.

Leistung Schutzklasse Abmessungen Gewicht
700 W   1380 Ø x 1200mm 120 kg